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beginner bugs

beginners learn more

All of the different ways that animals get around has inspired us to learn some new ways of locomotion.  This week we will wiggle like snakes, jump like kangaroos, gallop like zebras and run like gazelles. 

preschool bugs

preschool learn more

We are learning some BIG words this week to help us decide what different animals eat.  Do you know what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat?  We do!  W
e are identifying who is in the “Mammal Club.” To get in animals must follow the rules: have four appendages, have fur or hair, be born alive, get milk from their mommy’s body, and breathe air.  The children will look at a variety of animal applicants to see if they can join. 

Please remember that we will be closed 4/18 for Good Friday.

after school bugs


We are going to try to figure out where all of these wonderful animals come from while practicing our geography skills and reading for information.  Each afternoon we will pick some animals and track down their origins and place them on our world map.  We are going to try to place as many animals as we can on our map.

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