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beginner bugs

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Children frequently get told not to touch the Christmas tree because of all of the fragile things on it, so we will be making our own tree and ornaments that cannot be broken.   We will put it out so that the children can decorate to their hearts content and then take it off and do it again.

preschool bugs

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Nothing says holidays like a little baking so we are breaking out the rolling pins and making some holiday cookies.  In addition to being delicious baking cookies give us a chance to practice measuring, following directions, working together and licking the spoon, oh wait, I mean fine motor control.

after school bugs


It’s snowing, it’s snowing, well at least in our room it is as the scissors flash and snips of paper fly, yup that’s right it is a paper snowflake marathon.  With designs from simple to elaborate it is lots of fun for all ages it’s going to be a regular blizzard in here.

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