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beginner bugs

beginners learn more

Have you visited the good apple tree bulletin board in the front hallway?  The Beginner teachers will be posting good apple awards all month long for the children who make good choices, are good friends, good nappers, and stay dry.  Keep checking back all month long.

preschool bugs

preschool learn more

Fall is a time for harvesting and we will explore all of the edible parts of plants.  We will eat flowers, leaves, fruits, roots, and seeds.  We are going to do graphing activities to show everyone’s favorites.  Do you know why popcorn pops?  We do just ask us!

after school bugs


This week we will be making a leaf collection.  We will collect leaves from all of the trees around school but if you have some interesting trees at home bring in leaves to share with everyone.  We could also use magazines to press the leaves in.

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