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beginner bugs

beginners learn more

Our hands and fingers get a workout as we practice using scissors to snip turkey feathers.  This takes a lot of eye/hand coordination, fine motor control, self control, patience and determination.  Remember that children are ambidextrous until about five so you should let them choose which hand they want to cut with.

preschool bugs

preschool learn more

It is a busy week as we explore facts about mouths are for tasting, earsare for hearing, noses are for smelling, skin is for feeling  and eyes are for seeing.   This week we will practice using all of our senses with nosey necklaces, pumpkin pie paint, textured paint, and cooking.

after school bugs


It’s a quilting bee as we learn how to put together repeating patterns, cut precise shapes and form exact replications of each quilt block to form a large quilt.  Later this week we will be writing a book about all of the things that we are thankful for with an emphasis on things that you cannot buy at the store.

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