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beginner bugs

beginners learn more

What a beautiful design we will create when we run wheeled toys through bright colored paint and then across our papers.  We will look for secondary colors made by mixing  by mixing two primary colors and find patterns in our tire tracks.

preschool bugs

preschool learn more

Parents, remember drive-in movies?  We will try to recreate this old-time experience.    You make a cardboard box car with your child and send it to school on Friday.   We rarely watch TV but on this special occasion we will sit in our “cars” and eat snack and watch a children’s movie.  


after school bugs


We expect lots of giggles as we play I went to Arkansas (in an automobile eating an artichoke, wearing alligator skin shoes).  This is a classic but still a lot of fun (and phonics practice).  The first child starts with the letter A naming a place they would like to go.  The second child repeats the destination and adds a mode of travel starting with the same letter of the alphabet, the third repeats both and adds a food, the fourth repeats it all and adds an article of clothing, and then they start on the second letter of the alphabet. 


We are so excited, we can't stop grinning ear to ear! Toddle Towne was named Small Business of the Month by the RiverBend Growth Association. Read all about it in The Alton Telegraph!

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