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beginner bugs

beginners learn more

We found a treasure map!  We are going to see if we can figure out how to read the map and then we are going on a treasure hunt.  We will have to listen carefully and follow directions exactly if we hope to find the pirates treasure.

preschool bugs

preschool learn more

We found it, we finally found it the pirate’s treasure map!!  Now since we have been practicing how to tell our right from our left, how to listen carefully and follow directions and how to count the treasure and divide it evenly we are ready to try to find the treasure.

after school bugs


Things are in full swing for our before and after school program, the Tarantula Club.  Before school the kids have a chance to have a snack and relax until the bus arrives.  After school we have snack waiting before the kids have time set aside to get a head start on their homework.  Then it is off to the playground to expend some pent up energy.

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