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A major task for young children is learning to share!  They will work together to ice cookies, one to share with a friend at school, and one to take home to share with a parent or sibling. Community helper tools will be put to new uses as we paint with tooth brush, keys, pliers, and potato mashers. 

preschool bugs

preschool learn more

We will create a masterpiece of art with what we find in the trash can as we investigate the responsibilities of the sanitation workers and make potato prints as we talk about food service workers.  Sorting of parent cut-outs this week will be based on what you wear to work and throughout the week children will use the tools of their parents as Show and Tell.

after school bugs


Here is a math challenge for you. . .how many times in your life has your heart beat?  Well we will count our pulse for 1 minute, multiply times 60 to get the number of beats in an hour, then multiply that times 24 to get the number of beats in a day, then multiply that times the number of days we have been alive.  WOW!  Okay – we may cheat a little and use calculators.  We will create our own shapes and shadows by cutting and pasting black and white paper and see how many words we can find in Valentine’s Day, or President’s Day, or Ground Hog’s Day.  Give it a try and let us know if you found words we didn’t 

We are so excited, we can't stop grinning ear to ear! Toddle Towne was named Small Business of the Month by the RiverBend Growth Association. Read all about it in The Alton Telegraph!


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