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beginner bugs

beginners learn more

We will be putting in our gardens this week and we are looking for donations of plants, flowers and seeds so ask your child’s teacher what will grow best in their space.  We will also need to borrow child size gardening tools if you have them so that we can keep everyone busy.

preschool bugs

preschool learn more

We are having a bunny party this week and we will be eating what the bunnies eat.  On Friday we will be planting our gardens and we are looking for donations of plants, flowers or seeds.  We will also need to borrow any child size garden tools you have so there will be enough to keep everyone busy.

after school bugs


Kids grow like weeds!  This week we will be testing how true this saying is as we monitor the daily growth of dandelions and chart their progress.  We want to know just how fast do weeds grow?  We will also attempt to grow plants from food like potatoes and carrots. 

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